Year 6

Year 6

Spring term 2017 curriculum

This term we shall be following the programme of study outlined below:

ENGLISH: Shared and guided writing will focus on Poetry, Narrative Writing, Journalistic reports and Biography/Autobiography. Weekly spellings will usually be given out on Monday and tested the following week. Reading books will be selected from the Accelerated Reader scheme.

MATHS: We will be following the Making Maths Make Sense scheme of work. This will include multiplication, division, addition and subtraction, handling data, geometry and problem-solving. The children will also be using Accelerated Maths in the classroom and as homework to support the MMMS scheme.

SCIENCE: This term’s work will cover electricity and light. The children will also be undertaking a variety of experiments where they are encouraged and expected to work as independently as possible. The main focus will be creating questions to investigate scientifically and deciding which equipment to use, how to record results and evaluating the results with specific regard to the initial question. A large portion of the work in this term will be based around the Science Fair.

HOMEWORK: Children in Year 6 are expected to read for a minimum of 30-40 minutes per day, as well as learning set spellings and multiplication tables. The times tables are learnt and tested in a specific order (as per the Calculation Policy given out with the School Handbook). Once all tables tests have been passed, the children are still tested weekly using a ‘Quick Check’ test. Quick recall of times tables facilitates solving more complex mathematical problems independently or in discussion with other children where appropriate.

Maths homework may take the form of practice or exercise sheets from the Accelerated Maths scheme or other sheets/problems to complete in Maths Homework books. As the homework is largely revision or extra reinforcement of maths skills covered in the classroom throughout Year 5 and Year 6, it should not take longer than 20-30 minutes. If children are experiencing difficulties with their homework, then they should discuss it with the teacher the next day if possible. The Calculation Policy is an invaluable source of information for parents wishing to help their children with homework, especially when they are unfamiliar with the method of multiplication etc. used at Janvrin School.

There may be some additional tasks set from time to time to support other areas of the curriculum. We ask that you check the homework diaries regularly to see the work that has been set and sign them at least once a week. Any questions or comments can also be entered here, however, please remind your child to show them to the teacher if there is a comment that requires an immediate response.

UNIFORM: Children are expected to wear the correct uniform each day (as specified in the School Handbook). PE lessons are on Mondays and Fridays when the children should be in sports kit with appropriate footwear.

Throughout Year 6, the children are encouraged to develop as many independent skills as possible, particularly with regard to organisation, in preparation for their transition to secondary school. Your support in this matter is much appreciated and should also provide benefit to yourselves.

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