Year 4

Year 4

Spring term 2017 curriculum

This term we will be studying the following:

English: In English, the children will continue to work within their classes on daily basis, assessment is ongoing and in addition, the children will all be assessed in the final week of the Spring Term. Our reading and writing sessions will be based around our Tudor topic and different genres, giving the children an opportunity to discover more about the Tudor period and demonstrate the skills they are learning during their English and Topic sessions.

Maths: In Maths we will continue to develop skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using the MMMS method. We will be studying Arithmetic, Geometry, Data and Measure, and Verbal and Symbolic Reasoning. There will be a great deal of emphasis placed on mental skills and the children are encouraged to learn their times tables which are tested every week.

Science: The two science topics for this term are “Habitats “and ’’ Plants and Growing ‘’. We will be developing our predicting, testing and recording skills through practical work and using scientific vocabulary to explain our results.

History: This term we will be looking at life in Tudor times. We will look at the key figures of this period (including Henry the Eighth and his wives) and everyday life (including food, fashion and religion).

ICT: We will be focussing on using Coding and this term again we have an ICT specialist coming to teach different Coding concepts. In addition to this, we will be using Word and the tools it provides (such as bullet points, tables, etc.) to produce a range of texts based on our Tudor topic and a newspaper report. Also, we will carry on using Keynote to produce an iPad presentation for our habitats work.

Music: This term Y4 will be concentrating on their recorders! So if you still have one under the bed at home bring it back! Skills such as breathing technique, finger positions, reading music will all be at the core of our learning.
Year 4 will also be representing the school at this year’s Jersey Sings event at Fort Regent in June. They will be singing in a massed choir of about 800 children- the songs are fantastic and this will be a wonderful occasion. More information about this will follow shortly.

Art: As well as cross-curricular work, we will be looking at patterns and we will be making a Tudor rose.

P.E. During P.E. this term we will be developing our athletic and gymnastics skills through various activities.

R.E. We will be continuing to study Christianity this term and will be learning about parables and the Easter Story.

P.S.H.E. Starting from January we’ve introduced a new approach called the JigSaw Puzzle. The lessons will take place every Friday and are an opportunity for children to discuss issues that concern them as well as during the School Councils (approximately every month).

Homework: Children should read for 20 minutes each day, and should practice their spellings and times tables. On Mondays children will bring home a piece of maths homework which must be returned on Fridays. Any additional tasks (such as mini-topics or science activities) will be listed in the homework diary which should be checked and signed each week. If homework is not handed in on time without a note from home of explanation, children are expected to stay in and complete it during break and lunch play.

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