Visitors to the school

Visitors to the school

All visitors to the school will need to come to the main entrance and report to the central school office. For childrens safety and security entrance to the school is strictly governed and controlled.

There is always someone in the main office between 8.30-4.00 Monday-Friday.

However, at busy times the staff may be called out of the office for a short time: if this does occur please be patient and a member of staff will attend as soon as possible.

If you need to collect your child from school for an appointment, please inform the office prior to the appointment so that there is as minimal a delay as possible.

All visitors coming into the school will be asked to register their time of entering and leaving through the office.

Access to the different areas of the school is strictly controlled and supervised; for childrens safety and security, any visitor not coming through the main office or have authorisation to access the school will be approached by staff.

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