Summary of first aid procedures

First aid procedures

‘First Aid’ is an integral part of the School’s responsibilities towards children’s safety and well-being, as well as our support and communication with parents. Therefore, there is a high degree of priority throughout the School, regardless of the time of an incident and/or other responsibilities being undertaken.

Our current First Aid Officers (i.e. holding identified training certificates and undertaking updated training) are:
• Mrs Sue du Feu
• Mr Steve Ashton
• Mrs Louise Dewhurst
• Mrs Pam Sutton
• Mrs Rebecca Harris
• Mrs Sue Blake
• Miss Sophie Le Feuvre
• Mrs Sue Smith
• Mrs Louise Hanrahan

A key aspect of this is for the School and individual members of staff to make a considered judgement on the level of need for each child once an injury has occurred.

The underlying principle behind this judgement is that:
• if in doubt, consult immediately with the first Aid officer;
• if they are unavailable consult with another first aid staff member;
• if still in doubt consult with parents immediately and request them to collect their child to take to doctors or A&E etc.
• If the situation clearly needs immediate and emergency treatment, then the emergency services or hospital will be contacted; or, the child taken to hospital by a member of staff (with the parents being informed ASAP).

Any head injury must be dealt with by a trained first aid member of staff and, where appropriate, by the first aid officer as a priority. It will never be ignored. (This includes bumps/bangs to the head, split lips, nose bleeds from a collision/accident etc).

All head injuries will be communicated to parents either immediately or through letter/note that day, depending on level of seriousness. Where appropriate it will be necessary to contact parents and send a letter home as a reminder to keep observing in case of delayed reactions.

No child will leave Janvrin School having suffered a head injury without the parents knowing in advance or with a letter to go home.

Any injury, apparent or not apparent, where the child is clearly distressed and distraught will be dealt with by the first aid officer or other trained member of staff as a matter of priority.

Where a child has had to attend Hospital as a result of an injury the School will complete a written record of the injury and its context as well as the treatment administered at school. This will be signed by the First Aid Officer or Headteacher and a copy sent to the Education Department.

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