Summary of counter-bullying policy


Janvrin School believes that ‘bullying’ can take many forms and is a different experience for different people. We identify bullying behaviour as:
• harmful, being carried out by an individual or a group
• repetitive, wilful or persistent
• over-powering, leaving the person being bullied feeling defenceless and harmed.

Staff commitment

As a staff we will:
• take all reports of bullying seriously and listen to all concerns
• wherever possible, to work with the parents/carers of any child being bullied to support and encourage solutions to the bullying
• to work with the child who is bullying to change their behaviour
• to keep children and parents informed of all stages of progress and monitoring and to record this formally
• where appropriate, to involve outside agencies in supporting those children experiencing bullying or who are bullying others. This will only be done with the agreement of parents/carers.
• as a last resort, to suspend a child who is bullying, where the child’s actions pose a threat to the health and safety of other children or where no positive response is made to desist their actions.

In addition, staff will:
• on receiving a report of bullying inform a senior manager within an hour of learning of the situation
• to record the allegations and to take them seriously
• to contact parents/carers the same day
• to listen to the views of the person alleged to be bullying
• to set strategies and sanctions, to record them, monitor them and review after 10 days

Our commitment to parents/ carers

As a Parent/Carer of a child being bullied we will expect:
• you and your child will be listened to and believed
• you are involved in the process of supporting your child in dealing with the bullying
• all staff will do their best to address the concerns you have.

As a Parent/Carer of a child who is bullying others we will expect:
• you and your child will be listened to
• your child will be treated fairly
• your child will be asked to stop and change their behaviour and will be supported in doing this
• you will fully support the school in the strategies agreed for dealing with the bullying behaviour

Where a suspension from school is applied the school will follow the guidelines and procedures set out in the Department for Education, Sport and Culture’s ‘Guidance on Improving Behaviour and Reducing Exclusion’ document (2011).

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