Starting school


Starting school is an exciting time for all but can cause worries for both parent/carer and child. We hope that this section will help by giving you the kind of information you need. Please let the School know if you feel that we have missed anything that you would like to know. If your child is starting school in September and are in the Foundation Stage they will be invited to attend an evening for parents/carers at the School in the Summer term. This gives basic information about Janvrin School, about what your child will be learning in their first year and how you can help them at home. The children will have induction sessions during the Summer term, prior to them starting school in the September. These sessions are designed to familiarise your child with their new learning environment and meet their future friends and teachers.


Children starting their school career at Janvrin will either start in our ‘Nursery’ (ages 3-4) or, if they transfer from another Nursery at the end of their Nursery year (4-5 years old): ‘Reception’. Children can attend Nursery for 20 hours per week and can apply for up to 10 additional hours per week if needed. This can be coordinated and supported by the Nursery Manager but is the responsibility of the parent to apply for. Children stay in Nursery for 1 year. Here your child will be introduced to all areas of the ‘Early Learning Goals’ and their progress and needs supported by Nursery Officers and other staff. The majority of children at Janvrin Nursery transfer into the main school. However, this is dependent on where parents/carers live and other criteria. It is important to clarify this during the Nursery year prior to applying for school registration.


After Nursery, your child will move into the Reception class. Here your child will continue their learning through ‘Development Matters’ towards the ‘Early Learning Goals’ and may start working in areas of the ‘Jersey Curriculum’ depending on their stage of development and need. In many activities the children will be grouped according to what they can already do. This ensures that children are working at their own level. The groups are frequently reviewed and changed depending on each individual child’s progress in any particular area at different stages of their development. The Nursery and Reception classes are referred to as ‘Foundation Stage’ years. Foundation Stage learning and structure finishes at the end of the Autumn term in Year 1.

Year 1 and beyond

Your child’s progress is continuously assessed and recorded against the ‘Foundation Stage Profile’ document; this information will be shared with you throughout the Nursery and Reception years, and also into Year 1 (as appropriate). Play activities are structured in order to bring out the educational aspects the teacher has planned for. Gradually, the child learns to follow instructions and to work and co-operate with others. You can help by making sure that he/she has had the opportunity to do things independently before coming to school, like putting things away, dressing and using the toilet hygienically. After Foundation Stage, the class groups are called Years 1 to 6. After Year 6, at 11 years old, the child moves on to Secondary school. For many of our children this will be Grainville School, with whom we have close links.

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