School handbook

School handbook

Janvrin School’s Core Purpose

Together we aim to provide a positive learning community, where the well-being of all is assured and everyone is inspired to achieve their personal best by evolving and adapting to the challenges of the future.

Janvrin School’s Principles

We believe in a safe, supportive and welcoming environment.

We believe in creativity, spontaneity and engagement.

We believe learning and teaching are enjoyable.

We believe in mutual respect based on fairness and valuing all.

We believe in respect for our environment and our resources.

We believe that we can all achieve our personal best.

Janvrin School’s Aims

We aim to offer every child the opportunity to access a carefully planned, diverse, balanced curriculum that incorporates the beliefs and cultures of our community.

We aim to provide opportunities for quality discussion, collaboration, co-operation and reflection.

We aim to nurture a positive ethos that encourages problem-solving and risk-taking as part of the learning process.

We aim to reward positive behaviour and celebrate effort and achievement.

We aim to set and maintain high standards for ourselves and each other.

We aim to encourage, value and extend everyone’s contribution to the school.

We aim to ensure that we are rigorous in assuring that the standards of teaching and learning are of a high and appropriate standard.

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