Summary of procedures for supporting children with special or additional needs

Supporting children with special or additional needs

All children need support in the development of their learning and progress throughout the day and throughout their School careers. Some children have particular needs that require special support at different stages of their development. This may be due to a number of factors: cognitive, physical or sensory needs, support with speech and language, emotional, social or behavioural difficulties.

We value the fact that every member of our school is included and feels part of our community. Every effort is made to support children when their learning and/or behaviour indicates that they need support.

If a teacher is concerned about a child as a result of monitoring within the classroom and/or playground, or as highlighted by a specific assessment, the teacher will discuss with parents ways in which both the school and parents can work together to support the child and plan the way forward.

This may lead to an Individual Learning Plan (I.L.P.) being drawn up to provide a clear structure of support. You will be involved in all aspects of this and your child’s class teacher will keep you informed.

ILP’s are working documents which include:-
• a description of the main areas of difficulty
• a series of targets to be achieved within a specified time
• a description of the curricular approaches and resources to be used to achieve the targets.

Targets are set, reviewed and shared with parents each half-term or term (depending on the nature of the targets) and supported in school through differentiated activities and, where appropriate, support from a Teaching Assistant.

Some children need extra support only for a short time; others may need it for longer. If at any time in their school career your child does require additional help, please see it as a positive strategy aimed at providing support in order to help him/her access the curriculum.

If the support and special programme provided by the school requires further intervention, it may be necessary to call on the expertise of outside agencies, such as the Educational Support team (EST), Speech Therapists, Educational Psychologist etc. However, no action would be taken until discussions had taken place between school and the parents/carers and your permission was given.

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