As a school we know that physically healthy children learn well and quickly and develop good self-esteem and confidence.

Janvrin School has pioneered the development of a specialist PE teacher, who teaches PE to all children throughout the school. Mr Ashton develops the curriculum for each class and year group to ensure that all children develop the required skills and experiences needed in this area.

Mr Ashton has also developed initiatives that have encouraged healthy eating at school and at home and has also introduced before school and after school activity clubs. These are hugely popular with the children and are a brilliant way to start and finish the school day.

Children learn their PE skills through standard games as well as activities such as swimming (starting in Reception), dancing, fencing, touch rugby, Gaelic football etc

Janvrin School produces excellent teams for:
• football (boys and girls teams: we currently train 3 squads for football)
• netball (current Primary division champions)
• athletics
• cross country
• hard ball cricket

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