Janvrin Parent Teacher Partnership (JPTP)


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Janvrin School has developed a successful and dynamic partnership with parents and families. This partnership is called the ‘Janvrin Parents Teacher Partnership’ (JPTP) and is a highly valued part of the school structure.

The aims of this partnership are to develop the following areas:
• Organisation of regular half termly forums where staff and parents/families can raise issues for discussion and review
• Identify and organise community and fundraising events, which will be used to provide identified resources for the children
• To develop links with the wider community

The partnership meet at least once every half term and the Executive members meet more regularly when needed.

Anyone involved with Janvrin School can attend non-executive meetings and can make contributions and offer support at any time.

The JPTP has organised hugely popular and successful events such as the Summer Fair, Year group discos, Cinema nights, hot dog lunches, Bingo Nights, Racing Nights etc.

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