We aim to provide opportunities for reinforcing your child’s learning at home so that they can celebrate with you what they have achieved. Increasing demands from homework will be matched to the age and abilities of the child.

The School is constantly looking to improve its provision and ‘Homework’ is an area of focus over the next couple of years, during which all children, staff and parents/carers will be consulted. We aim that at the end of this process your child will have homework that fully matches their needs as they progress through the years at Janvrin.

Your child’s class teacher will inform you of the homework expectations at the beginning of each academic year in the ‘Annual General Meeting/Meet the Teacher’ held in September. It will be reiterated in the termly Curriculum letters sent out by class teachers at the beginning of each term.
Children in Key Stage 2 will have a weekly ‘Homework Diary’.

We have found the following suggestions useful for all children:

• share books with children, read aloud to them and/or with them;
• take children to libraries;
• show an interest in what children are reading;
• provide writing and drawing materials
• discuss events and future plans with children;
• discuss situations involving numbers or the calculation of time;
• acquire a map of the island – there are many free ones available; encourage your children to find places you visit;
• encourage a discriminating selection of television programmes and be prepared to follow them up with discussion

The habit of developing a quiet time at home with your child is important. At the Nursery and Reception Class stages this often takes the form of a bedtime story. We recommend that additional, gradually increasing quiet times are found during the evenings of school days as children move through Years 1 to 6. This should be a time when children can tell you about their work at school, practise handwriting, learn spellings and multiplication tables.

The termly topic outline letter from all class teachers will give some guidance about the sort of activities that will benefit your child.

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